WiOpt 2017 welcomes original papers related to modeling, performance evaluation, and optimization of wireless networks. The scope covers all types of wireless networks: cellular, ad hoc, content-driven, delay-tolerant, mesh, metropolitan, sensor, cognitive, vehicular, robotic, Internet of Things, virtualized, etc. The focus is on issues at and above the MAC layer, although cross-layer techniques encompassing the physical layer are equally welcome. We encourage both theoretical contributions and submissions relating to real world empirical measurements, experimental studies. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to: • Modeling, model validation, and performance analysis • Scaling laws and fundamental limits • Network architectures • Protocol design • Resource allocation and management • Packet scheduling • Access control • Network economics • Quality of service • Energy efficiency, harvesting, power control and management • Security, trust and privacy • Network resilience, anomaly detection, and reliability analysis • Cross-layer design and optimization / control • Measurements and experimental studies • Data collection and storage • Data analytics for wireless networks

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